Favourable Foods for your Dog

An overwhelming majority of the people around the world tend to adore their dogs just like their children. For the same reason, the need to have the most healthy and fruitful diet routine for your dog is pivotal. These are also termed as superfoods and have the ability to help the dogs in their resistance against disorders, energy boost, and better general health. Below is a guide to some most crucial favorable foods which are ideal for your dog’s meal.

  • Kale:

Being a supercharged leafy vegetable, it is enriched with vitamins like A, E, and C and is a premium provider of antioxidants for detoxification of the dog’s body. At the same time, it also comes with anti-inflammatory features.

  • Carrots:

Known as a fantastic snack for the dog, the carrots are organically sweet and a majority of dogs relish their taste. Carrots are high in fiber, vitamins, and potassium which ensure the full flow of energy production and sustainability of the body.

  • Pumpkin:

It is deemed to be low in calories and full of such fibers which are solvent to help the maintenance of a great digestive system. The canned organic form of pumpkin is also widely available in most of the stores, however, when serving to the dog, make sure that it is natural and comes without added sugar or spice. 

  • Sweet potatoes:

When it comes to being high in antioxidants, sweet potatoes are truly enriched with it with over 100% more than traditional fruits like blueberries. For such dogs who are prone to health hazards due to weak resistance, sweet potatoes might strengthen the body’s immune.

  • Fish:

Such a breed of fishes including herring, salmon, sardines, and mackerel are thoroughly fulfilled with omega-3 fatty acids which are wonderful when it comes to the overall appearance of the body. Not only that, but it is also effective with inflammatory problems along with being an amazing source of protein with necessary minerals & vitamins.

  • Seaweed:

Being easily available in supermarkets, seaweed is full of protein, minerals, and galactans which are ideal for enhancing the metabolism of the dog’s body, and eventually, not only the food gets digested in a quicker manner but unhealthy weight growth also remains under control. Similarly, it is also not so high in sodium depending on the type you might want to buy.

  • Chia:

Chia has most effective conventional grain seeds which have a plethora of benefits that help in making it a super seed. In contrary to traditional foods, it is very high in fiber, calcium, and proteins, etc. Even if Chia cannot be eaten or served to your dog as a direct lunch/dinner then at least it could still be splashed on meals to ripe its tremendous effects.

  • Quinoa:

Famously known as a grain, it is a seed that has an association with spinach and is a fantastic supplier of all the important amino acids with ample source of phytochemicals which are stupendous for a dog’s health. Other than being very appropriate for dogs, it is good for human beings too and proves to work wonders against the odds of diabetes and other same sorts of health issues.

Is Raw Food Helpful for your Dog?

A lot of dog owners usually feed their pet with raw food, however, there has always been a very mixed opinion about the same because of the aftereffects related to it. Some health professionals and dog trainers might be in favor of it while others might not be so much. There could be numerous types of raw dog food which might include, muscle meat, bones, organ meat, eggs, broccoli, celery, apples, yogurt, and so forth. Since the opinion is divided so, here is a comparison of the benefits & risks of raw food for the dogs.

Benefits of raw food for dogs:

  • Better appearance:

Due to the fact that uncooked food is free of any solutions or chemical mixtures, so it tends to have a better impact on the overall skin outlook and appearance of the dogs. Some of the pet owners have used raw food as a dog’s meal for a continuous period and noticed that it helped the dogs to look shinier than before. 

  • Cleaner gums:

There has also been some indication that some dogs which have been consistently fed with the raw food including meat and vegetables or fruit are normally found with healthier & cleaner teeth than the others. Similarly, their mouth odor has also been proved to be slightly improved in comparison to those dogs who were served other meals. 

  • Excessive energy:

As the raw food comes free from preservatives and other artificial materials, hence, it provides added health which brings about more energy in the body. Also, it is a widespread understanding that eating natural is way much fruitful than the consumption of junk items.

  • Lesser stools:

The raw food promotes better digestion and eventually, it brings about a reason for small stools which is a great relief for a huge number of pet owners especially when they want to take their dogs outside with themselves.

  • Potential risks of raw food for dogs:

There may be plenty of benefits when it comes to feeding your dogs raw, nevertheless, there are various health hazards as well which could trigger serious diseases and need to be dealt with carefully right from the start. Some of them include:

  • Bacterial threat:

In raw chicken and even beef, there may be a substantial presence of bacteria that is harmful to not only humans but the meat consuming dogs at the same time. So if your dog eats raw meat, it could be a potential risk that bacteria’s transmission may take place and lead to diseases.

  • Unhealthy diet:

There are great odds that raw food could become a source of an unhealthy diet. It is so because unlike proper dog meal, the raw food is not prepared and meant to be directly consumed and could cause an unbalanced internal system of the dog. If this keeps on for an extended time duration, it has a declining effect on the health level.

  • Choke/break bone risk:


Wondering how to treat your dog, check this post out.

How to Treat your Dog?

Dogs, pretty much like human beings, love to be treated in a very kind and affectionate manner. Being a dog owner comes with this luxury that you can have this fun-filled activity with your dog and enjoy up to your best when your dog loves the treat. Below are some of the core ideas which could help you identify the way to treat your dog properly. These tips come from a friend from Painters Newcastle, whom when not painting, works as an amateur dog trainer for the dogs in the neighbourhood.

  • Sweet/cold treat in summers:

Animals like dogs usually feel the heat in hot weather just like human beings. You can treat them well in such a case and offer them a cold or sweet treat in the shape of some frozen item like ice cream lick to ease off the warmth and get cold to have a better feel.

  • Let them choose a toy:

Going for a walk with your dog is too mainstream. If you really feel like treating your dog in a special fashion, take it to the supply store and see it becoming a very adventurous outing. Apart from that, your dog could also assist you with filling the cart and try not to choose the toy for your dog and let it explore for a while. You would see there are numerous toy ideas that your dog could choose like chewing toys or more.

  • Wearables are cool too!

You might know or not that there are a lot of fabrics and fancy wearables that are launched specifically for your beloved dog. These vary from super cool and enchanting dog shirts to collars and even more. So not only buying one of these is a great idea for aesthetic purposes but you can treat your dog ever so amazing too. Another benefit of these wearables is that they are available as per the suitability of season, for example, protective dog clothes for the winter season.

  • Offer a massage to your dog:

Being nice to any creature of the world is priceless and when it comes to treating your dog, it is just another way that could help you in showing your love to the dog. If your dog is fond of you and loves cuddling, then there are ample chances that it would enjoy the massage as well to eventually eradicate it’s tiresome too.

  • Go out for a swim:

A lot of dog breeds love water and are attracted to it like nothing else. Hence, try to find a safe surface of the water and jump in with your dog. Toss a ball or a similar item in the water and ask the dog to find it. However, try to be extra protective if it is the first swimming experience of your dog, rather stay calm and try to go gradually & smoothly. 

  • Walk with your dog in a different style:

Talking your dog to the walk-in nearby is quite common among the majority of dog owners where they used to walk their dog to parks or streets or so forth. However, for the purpose of treating your dog, you can always go along with your dog to a hiking place or maybe for a Romp in the Dog. This feeling of a unique ambience and new atmosphere will be overwhelming for the dogs to give them a new vibe.

  • Bake or cook your dog some treat:

The treats related to food never go old be it for humans or even dogs. All dogs are different, you might have noticed what is your dog’s favourite cheat meal, it could be something pre-made or available at the supermarket. Regardless of whatever is your dog’s most favourite food on its best day, try to get it arranged. Even if you have to bake or cook something on your own, never hesitate but make sure that wellbeing standards are kept intact by all means.

Human Foods & Dog

The digestion system of humans and dogs is different, and this is the main argument that is put forward when dog-specific food items are made. However, there are some kinds of foods that can be shared by humans and dogs while others might be not. Following is the list which piles up both favorable human foods for dogs and unfavorable as well.

  • Favorable Human Foods for Dogs
  • Peanut butter:

It is one of animal favorite foods which is an amazing source of protein and also comes with cardiovascular fats, vitamins, and more. However, it lacks to be ensured that the peanut butter comes free from artificial items and elements. 

  • Cooked form of chicken:

It could be added with the dog’s traditional meal in order to have an additional flavor along with some added protein. It could also be a decent alternative to dog meal if you have not got anything else with you.

  • Cheese:

It is a wonderful treat for the dog as long as your dog has the capacity to digest it properly and does not react. So keep a check on your dog’s activities once you fed it with cheese and try not to overfeed the dog.

  • Carrots:

These are of immense value for the dog’s dental health. Also, carrots are low in calories and enriched with fiber and vitamins.

  • Yogurt:

Being naturally fulfilled with calcium and protein, yogurt is one of the favorable edibles for your dog, nevertheless, be sure to choose the kind of yogurts which are free of added sugar or extra sweeteners. The yogurt is deemed as positive for a dog’s digestion.

  • Salmon:

For such dog owners who want to keep the dog’s coat healthy and shiny, salmon is ideal for the purpose of its enrichment in 3 fatty acids.

  • Eggs:

For such dogs who need to be fed with high protein, eggs offer a fantastic source of digestible protein, while making it an ideal snack.

  • Beans:

Beans tend to be a fine treat for your dog, and they have filling properties as well other than being low in calories and such beans which have no added salt are ideal for the purpose.

  • Apple pieces:

Such dogs who have issues related to dental health, apple pieces are very appropriate for them because they clean the residue from teeth and refreshen breath at the same time. Apples acommodates a good source of fiber and vitamins too. 

  • Oatmeal

Featuring a fine source of solvable fiber, it is a premium food for senior dogs and proves to be adequate substitute grain for such dogs who do not eat or are allergic to wheat. Oatmeal needs to be cooked before serving the dog and there should not be any additional additives.

  • Unfavorable Human Foods for Dogs

The above-mentioned rest of human foods are usually healthier for the dogs as well, however, as aforementioned, not all human foods are suitable for your pet dogs. Thus, the followings are a few of such human foods that should not be fed to dogs.

  • Raisins & grapes:

These should never be served to the dogs because they contain toxic compounds that are dangerous for dogs. The medical sources also claim that raisins and grapes could contribute towards the failure of the kidney and a death eventual, raisins and grapes served even in a very tiny amount could be counterproductive and might cause sickness so it is pivotal to avoid them.


Because the chocolate features caffeine and theobromine, which cause difficulty towards metabolism, so chocolate is something that should not be presented to the dogs. In such cases, when the dogs have eaten chocolate, they could be prone to issues like vomiting or dehydration and so forth, which could stimulate serious health hazards.

Best Possible Ways for your Dog’s Entertainment

A lot of us are proud owners of the dogs and want to provide them with the rest of the facility including food, shelter, and what not. However, no matter how much we might try and endeavor up to the best of our abilities for our dogs, their entertainment perspective is still compromised up to an immense extent. Boredom is real and not only humans but the dogs could be prone to it as well, that is why, you would notice that when your dog is bored, it might be digging, chewing a lot, licking his own self or so forth. So, we compiled the following easiest & simple ways which could help you to keep your dog engaged and entertained.

  • Toys:

There is a great variety of toys available for the dogs in the market, you can buy some of them for your dog easily. Gradually offer your dog with the different toys and try to keep rotating them every other day so that his interest could stay intact for the long run. Among all, try to choose such toys which are not so rigid and hard for the skin especially if you have a puppy, rather try to buy food-dispenser kind of toys for better time & optimal entertainment.

  • Fun stuff & games:

The dogs and most particularly, small puppies are great fond of playing including fetch, flyballs, or other active sports. These games are usually played at the gardens of your home and in case if that is not available then you could take your dog to the nearby park and carrying the fun activities. This will burn the excessive energy and the dog will serene out for the entire of the day.

  • Use your tricking skills:

Your puppy or even a dog becomes way much more attractive when it tries to copy the tricks and smart tactics that you may teach it. The useful approach is to compile a list of such tricks that you may want to inculcate to your pet, whereas, do your family chores along with him while teaching a trick at once. Over the years, it has been the greatest effective way of teaching the pets while ensuring their entertainment perspective at the same time.

  • Home return routine:

Right after finishing your work or daily routines, whenever you come back to your house, make sure you take your dog to a walk nearby or even at your own backyard. Try to adopt the same habit before leaving the house as it is something which gives the dog a sense of ownness.

  • Try shaping games:

By shaping, we mean to construct a specific attitude by utilizing a sequence of steps that are defined to achieve it. In these kinds of games what you can is to make the dog select their own choice which enhances their brain capacity and boost their learning tendencies simultaneously. There are research studies which have shown that this enables the dog to be cleverer than before and opt for better decisions in the future.

  • Treat meals:

Not only the humans being but even your dogs are great fond of their favorite food. While it is true that the dog’s favorite food might cause a lack of consistency to the regular diet, however, offering a bored dog some sort of cheat meal to entertain and make them feel better. That way you can bring a sense of relief and joy to the dog.

  • Netflix:

No that is not for your dog, however, when you sit to watch a movie or a season on Netflix, the great practice is to accompany your dog along as not only your company but the graphics and video motions on tv will also stimulate the thought process of the dogs and keep them engaged at the same time.