Human Foods & Dog

The digestion system of humans and dogs is different, and this is the main argument that is put forward when dog-specific food items are made. However, there are some kinds of foods that can be shared by humans and dogs while others might be not. Following is the list which piles up both favorable human foods for dogs and unfavorable as well.

  • Favorable Human Foods for Dogs
  • Peanut butter:

It is one of animal favorite foods which is an amazing source of protein and also comes with cardiovascular fats, vitamins, and more. However, it lacks to be ensured that the peanut butter comes free from artificial items and elements. 

  • Cooked form of chicken:

It could be added with the dog’s traditional meal in order to have an additional flavor along with some added protein. It could also be a decent alternative to dog meal if you have not got anything else with you.

  • Cheese:

It is a wonderful treat for the dog as long as your dog has the capacity to digest it properly and does not react. So keep a check on your dog’s activities once you fed it with cheese and try not to overfeed the dog.

  • Carrots:

These are of immense value for the dog’s dental health. Also, carrots are low in calories and enriched with fiber and vitamins.

  • Yogurt:

Being naturally fulfilled with calcium and protein, yogurt is one of the favorable edibles for your dog, nevertheless, be sure to choose the kind of yogurts which are free of added sugar or extra sweeteners. The yogurt is deemed as positive for a dog’s digestion.

  • Salmon:

For such dog owners who want to keep the dog’s coat healthy and shiny, salmon is ideal for the purpose of its enrichment in 3 fatty acids.

  • Eggs:

For such dogs who need to be fed with high protein, eggs offer a fantastic source of digestible protein, while making it an ideal snack.

  • Beans:

Beans tend to be a fine treat for your dog, and they have filling properties as well other than being low in calories and such beans which have no added salt are ideal for the purpose.

  • Apple pieces:

Such dogs who have issues related to dental health, apple pieces are very appropriate for them because they clean the residue from teeth and refreshen breath at the same time. Apples acommodates a good source of fiber and vitamins too. 

  • Oatmeal

Featuring a fine source of solvable fiber, it is a premium food for senior dogs and proves to be adequate substitute grain for such dogs who do not eat or are allergic to wheat. Oatmeal needs to be cooked before serving the dog and there should not be any additional additives.

  • Unfavorable Human Foods for Dogs

The above-mentioned rest of human foods are usually healthier for the dogs as well, however, as aforementioned, not all human foods are suitable for your pet dogs. Thus, the followings are a few of such human foods that should not be fed to dogs.

  • Raisins & grapes:

These should never be served to the dogs because they contain toxic compounds that are dangerous for dogs. The medical sources also claim that raisins and grapes could contribute towards the failure of the kidney and a death eventual, raisins and grapes served even in a very tiny amount could be counterproductive and might cause sickness so it is pivotal to avoid them.


Because the chocolate features caffeine and theobromine, which cause difficulty towards metabolism, so chocolate is something that should not be presented to the dogs. In such cases, when the dogs have eaten chocolate, they could be prone to issues like vomiting or dehydration and so forth, which could stimulate serious health hazards.

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